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Becker: Family most difficult task


Becker: Family most difficult task

Boris Becker has collected one title after another in his career, but he faces his greatest challenge off the court.

Boris Becker collected row upon row of titles and faced icons of his guild, but the German tennis idol did not face the biggest challenge on the court.

“Winning Wimbledon is hard. Becoming number one in the world is harder. Balancing three families with four children is the most difficult task of my life,” the six-time Grand Slam champion told the podcast “Boris Becker – The Fifth Set” on Amazon Music.

Nevertheless, even at the age of 53, Becker has not finished planning his family. “I’m convinced that there will be a third Mrs. Becker at some point,” he said: “I hope that I will also have children again with the future third Mrs. Becker.”

After his marriages to Barbara and Lilly, however, Becker is certain: “I can’t imagine a new partner being an influencer.”

For his four children so far, Becker also wants to “continue to stay fit and relevant, to be able to have a say, to be asked,” as he told us, “They deserve that, and maybe I deserve that, too. That’s lifeblood for me.”

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