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First victory since May 2013 – Super Oldboy Franz Mayrhuber celebrates his 13th victory.


First victory since May 2013 – Super Oldboy Franz Mayrhuber celebrates his 13th victory.

The great old man of the hobby tennis tour Franz Mayrhuber has on Tuesday evening at the wheel of time…

The great old man of the hobby tennis tour, Franz Mayrhuber, turned the wheel of time on Tuesday evening and revived the golden era of his career, which is so rich in successes.The 13th edition of the September BTT 250 tournament at UTC La Ville celebrated 16-year-old Philip Gabmeier in three sets with a score of 6:7,6:0,6:2, celebrating the 13th year longed-for and not to be judged high enough.HTT tournament victory of his career.The victory in the “Final of the Generations” also earned Mayrhuber a place in the top ten of the all-time best list of all HTT tournament winners in history.A report by C. L.


“I’m very pleased to have won the title at the September BTT 250 tournament.I have never stopped believing in it and always hoped that I would be able to win a tournament at some point on the hobby tennis tour,”said the former leader on the day after his triumph.The 19.September 2017 will therefore be a striking date in Mayrhuber’s HTT career, especially as it took a great deal of optimism to reach the ominous 13th position.To believe that the man who has won almost everything in his career is the winner of the tournament.The 52-year-old, now 52 years old, was the fourth longest number one in HTT history with 104 weeks at the top of the rankings, triumphed at the Masters in 2009 and 2012, won his several Grand Slam titles at the HTT French Open in 2010 and crowned his unparalleled career with Olympic gold in 2009.Nevertheless, doubts had arisen lately whether Mayrhuber would make it back into the HTT winner’s list after 129 tournaments played.And self-doubt will have plagued the seasoned SK Trade Ministry veteran, because the dry spell that the super old man had to plunge through last had already turned into a negative series, in which other players would have thrown in the towel long ago. Mayrhuber had been unsuccessful since his last title win in May 2013, and the 52-year-old “Titelluft” was allowed to sniff in six lost finals, he had to

Just on the rainy last weekend she hit the hour of Franz Mayrhuber.Against Philip Gabmeier, 36 years younger than the strongest player of all times, Mayrhuber’s failure to succeed ended in the final showdown of the generations within the framework of the September BTT 250 final.The race was played in 31.Final of his career – with this, Mayrhuber equalled in the eternal best list of all Speler with the most final participations with Patrick Schwing on position no. 6 – at first everything seems to be equal again against the 12 times title holder, who served the first set consistently at the front and in the meantime led 3:2,5:4 and 6:5, but with lost tie-break he slipped once again on the loser’s street.The decisive factor for the turnaround was the opening game of the second set, in which Gabmeier left countless chances for a 1-0 lead untapped, and in the end Mayrhuber hoisted himself back on the road to success.The experienced player didn’t take long to get asked, played six games in a row and equalized the sets to zero.The oldie had pulled the nerve of the junior, the third set with 6:2 was only a matter of form, and the thirteenth career title after 1,593 days of dry spells was finally over.

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