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WWE: Surprise winner at MITB


WWE: Surprise winner at MITB

A historic premiere of the 2020 Money in the Bank ladder battle, held at WWE headquarters, ends with a big surprise.

Usually a big spectacle in front of an audience, because of Corona this time a minifilm staged in a high-rise building.

The main fight of the WWE major event Money in the Bank 2020 was this time a curious brawl across the company headquarters in Stamford.

In the double match, which was held in parallel this time, both women and men had to fight their way up to the floodlit roof of the Titan Towers and release the coveted Money in the Bank suitcases from their anchoring in a ring set up there.

At least with the men the play ended with an unexpected result.

Guest appearances by Vince McMahon and Co.
The six-man and six-woman fight was presented with a mixture of athletics and comedy. During the brawl through the company headquarters, the fighters met, among others, several well-known faces who work there – Paul Heyman, John Laurinaitis, Bruce Prichard in his role as Brother Love, Stephanie McMahon.

Even father and company boss Vince McMahon had to endure that AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan fought their way through his office. But after an angry look from the patriarch, the two took off, even straightened the chairs and gave the piqued Vince the opportunity to finally disinfect his hands.

Dramaturgical highlight of the first part of the match, which took place inside the building: a big, gender-transcending food battle in the catering area, which also included a choking attack by Shayna Baszler on Rey Mysterio and a collision between the heavyweights Nia Jax and Otis.

Asuka and Otis triumph
When we arrived on the roof, the first thing to clear up was what was happening with the women: Asuka of Japan, who had already opened the match with a big jump on all five rivals gathered in the entrance area, climbed the ladder and secured the first of the two suitcases, which entitle her to a title match at any time next year.

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