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Gronk loses his WWE title


Gronk loses his WWE title

After a two-month reign at WWE, NFL returnee Rob Gronkowski is rid of his wrestling title. There was more behind the publicity gag.

NFL bird of paradise Rob Gronkowski is rid of the title belt he won two months ago at the WWE wrestling league.

On the TV show Monday Night RAW, Gronk was surprised and dethroned by WWE wrestler R-Truth while shooting a social media video.

Ring veteran R-Truth had disguised himself as a gardener in the staged segment to dupe Gronkowski and reclaim his 24/7 championship title – a gag belt with the special clause that he is at stake anywhere and anytime.

Rob Gronkowski flirted with career at WWE
Gronkowski had won the title in April at WrestleMania 36, although at the time it didn’t seem like a one-off PR manoeuvre.

After Gronkowski’s interim NFL resignation, a change to showmanship seemed within reach for Gronkowski. A first match was under discussion for the SummerSlam 2020, which is scheduled to take place on August 23rd in Boston, the hometown of Gronkowski’s long-time employer, the New England Patriots (although this plan is questionable anyway because of Corona).

Gronkowski was the third sports celebrity after NBA star Enes Kanter – also a WWE Edelfan – and NASCAR driver Kyle Busch to hold the 24/7 title at WWE.

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