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WWE boss strikes back against Luck


WWE boss strikes back against Luck

The newly founded football league XFL is insolvent due to the corona crisis. League boss Vince McMahon and Commissioner Oliver Luck are now battling it out in court.

The muddy battle between those responsible for the failed football league XFL is taking on ever greater proportions.

After the season’s Corona-induced cancellation and the resulting insolvency, Commissioner Oliver Luck and league boss Vince McMahon are now taking each other to court.

Ex-quarterback Luck recently sued McMahon for “wrongful termination”, now he is fighting back. The lawyers of the WWE boss said in court that their client had fired Luck “for good cause”.

Luck is said to have neglected work
According to the report, the father of the resigned Colts QB, Andrew Luck, has rebelled against the XFL guidelines several times.

On the one hand, he had “grossly neglected” his work after the pandemic began. Luck had given up “responsibility” as commissioner and failed to perform the duties required by his contract.

In addition, the 60-year-old is also said to have disregarded McMahon’s opinion in matters of personnel planning. The 60-year-old NFL receiver Antonio Callaway, for example, had engaged him without asking McMahon. When Callaway subsequently asked him to dismiss Callaway, Luck is said to have refused.

McMahon did not want Callaway
Background: McMahon had previously stressed that he did not want to sign players with problematic backgrounds. However, Callaway had already been exposed to drugs and was punished by the NFL.

As a third point, McMahon lawyers accuse Luck of stealing his work phone for private purposes, even though the contract does not allow it.

Because of the Corona crisis, XFL had to suspend their league operations after only five matchdays in March, at that time still connected with the announcement to return. But McMahon, whose Alpha Entertainment LLC had organized the league, gave it up for the second time since 2001. Almost all the staff were laid off.

Luck get out too soon?
Luck subsequently sued McMahon, who is said to have dismissed the former playmaker on 9 December, one day before the league was closed. “Mr. Luck denies all allegations in the letter of resignation. These are allegedly unfounded,” the indictment states.

According to the bill of indictment, McMahon wanted to enforce the insolvency court to reject “contracts of certain board members” and thus they would no longer be entitled to their contractual salary. Luck would probably have been granted around 20 million US dollars until the end of his contract term.

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