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Handballers help with shopping


Handballers help with shopping

During the Corona crisis, society must stand together. The handball players from TV Hüttenberg set a good example and offer a shopping service.

In need the true character shows!

While the corona crisis is putting more and more strain on the social togetherness, the handball players of TV Hüttenberg want to set an example. While playing is suspended until the end of April, the second division team from Central Hesse is offering a shopping service for people in quarantine.

“We offer the people in the region to do their shopping or even put the rubbish on the roadside. Maybe it’s only small deeds, but we are sure that the people in need of help will be supported,” says coach Frederick Griesbach, explaining the campaign and emphasising the matter-of-course nature of this help: “Of course, we also make sure that none of us puts ourselves in unnecessary dangerous situations. But buying a salad and a few more apples and bringing them to the people in the region is certainly not too much to ask”.

All players of the club support the neighbourhood help and want to bring the community closer together in this time of need. In addition to people in quarantine, support is also given to risk groups or people who cannot make their way to the supermarket themselves due to other causes.

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