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WBC 2021 is to be postponed


WBC 2021 is to be postponed

Due to the Corona Pandemic, the World Baseball Classic 2021 is to be postponed. The WBC might not be postponed until 2023.

The World Baseball Classic (WBC) 2021 will be postponed due to the Corona crisis. This was reported by ESPN on Monday.

Next year’s WBC was to be held in the USA, Japan and Taiwan from March 9 to 23. In the fifth edition, the number of participants was to be expanded from 16 to 20 teams. The WBC will replace the World Cup in 2013.

However, the qualifying matches scheduled for last March, which were to determine the four other teams in addition to the 16 seeded participants from the previous WBC, were postponed indefinitely following the outbreak of the Corona pandemic.

The postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games to next year has further complicated WBC planning.

According to ESPN, the WBC may therefore not be made up for until 2023. The defending champions are the USA, who beat Puerto Rico for the first time in the 2017 final.

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