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Abort? This is how the NHL boss reacts


Abort? This is how the NHL boss reacts

The NHL has been on hiatus for weeks because of the corona crisis. However, Commissioner Gary Bettman does not want to deal with a possible season break.

Gary Bettman, boss of the NHL, wants to work consistently towards a continuation of the season.

“I don’t want to sound like an incorrigible optimist, but an abort would be too easy a solution,” Bettmann said at a virtual council meeting in the Californian city, according to the San Jose Mercury News newspaper.

NHL boss open for immediate playoffs
“When the time is right, and the circumstances are right, taking into account all the options and their feasibility, we will finish this season,” said the Commissioner. He did not “even think” about the possibility that he would not hand over the Stanley Cup this year.

The NHL match operation was discontinued on 12 March. The main round should have ended on April 4, the playoff finals should have taken place in June. There are supposedly plans to continue directly with the playoffs. The format must absolutely be “fair,” Bettman stressed, “and if we have to play in a modified format in the summer, we’ll do it.”

He’s in constant communication with other major leagues.

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