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Jordan succeeds in mega-catch


Jordan succeeds in mega-catch

Michael Jordan also knows how to convince off the basketball court. The former NBA superstar takes part in a fishing competition. With success.

Looks like he’s caught some big fish.

Basketball legend Michael Jordan is currently taking part in the “Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament”, one of the biggest fishing tournaments in the USA. And on the second day of the tournament in North Carolina he made a very special catch.

Jordan and his crew caught a 442.3 pound (200 kilogram) blue marlin and proudly presented it to the cheers of the audience.

Jordan’s fish not in top five
“It’s been a while since I was in Morehead City. It’s only 100 miles from Wilmington, and it’s always great for me to come back here,” said Jordan. The 57-year-old spent his childhood in Wilmington.

But if Jordan wants to be one of the top players in the tournament, he has to improve. The owner of the Charlotte Hornets dropped out of the top five with his marlin on Tuesday evening, the heaviest fish weighing around 494 pounds (224 kilograms) at the time.

By the way, the crew with the heaviest fish is waving a prize money of 1.1 million US dollars. The first one to catch a marlin weighing over 500 pounds can look forward to 550,000 US dollars.

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