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NBA teams may bring new players


NBA teams may bring new players

The NBA allows their teams to increase their squad for the tournament in Orlando. There will be a transfer window in June where new players can be brought in.

The NBA has allowed the teams a larger squad for the tournament in Orlando (starting July 31).

As ESPN reports, the league and players’ union have agreed on up to 17 players per team. 15 players will be allowed to have a fixed NBA contract and two more professionals will be allowed to have a so-called “two-way contract”, which is valid for the NBA and the G-League.

However, the teams’ playoff rosters may then only consist of 15 players, of which only 13 may be used. During the championship decision, however, teams may replace any player tested positive for corona virus with another player from their 17-man roster.

At the end of June, there will be a one-week transfer window during which the teams can sign new players. However, there are conditions for this. Free Agents, whether they have already been in a roster or not, can be signed up.

For example, DeMarcus cousins who were fired from the Lakers or JR Smith, who has not yet signed a contract with any team, could sign a contract. On the other hand, foreign players who have not been in an NBA squad this season may not be signed. Nikola Mirotic of FC Barcelona may not be signed by any team.

American professionals who have played abroad may only be signed on if they have been released by their former club.

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