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Drux: “Do we find it rather embarrassing”


Drux: “Do we find it rather embarrassing”

Lip readers sometimes make life difficult for football stars. What some do for protection, handball national player Paul Drux finds “rather embarrassing”.

National handball player Paul Drux does not think much of some of the habits of football. To hold one’s hand in front of one’s mouth when speaking for fear of lip readers on the pitch is “total nonsense” for the professional from Füchse Berlin, as the 25-year-old told the B.Z.

Drux added: “We handball players find it rather embarrassing what our football colleagues are doing. If I want to say something so bad that nobody should hear it, then I won’t say it.”

While the Bundesliga soccer players can still hope for a continuation of their season despite the coronavirus pandemic, the season for the handball players around Drux has ended prematurely. The fox pros also use the free time to read to their youngest fans online.

“Sure, I like books. I also like it when you can put them on the shelf after reading. I’m not much of a reader now, but I’m a very good newspaper reader,” said Drux. The last book he had read himself was about Tesla boss Elon Musk.

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