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Mayweather pays Floyd burial


Mayweather pays Floyd burial

Boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather sets an example after the violent death of George Floyd. But the former world champion does not want to talk about that.

Boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather will cover the costs for the funeral of George Floyd. This was announced by a representative of his management.

“He will probably resent me for saying this. But he will definitely pay the funeral costs,” said Leonard Ellerbe, Managing Director of Mayweather Promotions, at ESPN.

Mayweather in contact with Floyd family
The death of the African-American Floyd in Minneapolis last week has led to mass protests and unrest across the United States. The death has also caused consternation and outrage within the sports world. The 46-year-old was abused by a police officer until he died.

Ellerbe said that the former boxing world champion was in contact with the victim’s family, and that the relatives had accepted his offer.

Mayweather himself did not want to comment publicly on this gesture, his manager explained.

Mayweather paid for Hernandez’s funeral
It would not be the first time that the temporarily richest sportsman in the world expressed his sympathy in this way. The funeral of Genaro Hernandez, against whom he won his first World Championship title in 1998, was also paid for.

Hernandez had died of cancer at the age of 45.

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