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Shitstorm for German MLB star


Shitstorm for German MLB star

Amidst the demonstrations against police violence in the USA, Max Kepler posts a picture of himself wearing a mask of counter-movement. His explanations are confusing.

German baseball star Max Kepler has caused a violent shitstorm amidst massive protests against police violence in Minneapolis.

Kepler posted a picture on his Instagram profile where he wears a mask of the organization #BlueLivesMatter. It shows an American flag on black fabric with a blue line.

It is considered a symbol for law enforcement and its goal is to classify the murder of police officers as a hate crime. The organization is considered a reactionary counter-movement to the protest against the much more common police violence and violence against dark-skinned people, the so-called #BlackLivesMatter movement.

This had led to violent demonstrations after the death of an African-American in Minneapolis – the city where Kepler plays for the Minnesota Twins.

George Floyd dies by police violence
The photographs taken in Minneapolis of a white policeman kneeling for minutes on the neck of dark-skinned US citizen George Floyd (46) caused a worldwide sensation. Floyd, whose oxygen supply was cut off by the policeman’s attack, initially lost consciousness during the incident – and later in hospital, his life.

The four policemen involved in the incident have been released in the meantime, but so far there are no charges against them.

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