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NFL: Trumps dangerous game


NFL: Trumps dangerous game

Donald Trump is once again actively trying to drive a wedge between the NFL and the protesting players. The self-interest is obvious.

US President Donald Trump apparently sees himself in his element again in the exchange of blows with the NFL against the background of the new racism and protest debate.

As in the debate over Colin Kaepernick’s protest, he is actively fuelling the conflict. After quarterback star Drew Brees – who made a U-turn on the protest issue – he has now also worked his way up to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and his attempt at mediation.

“Could it be even remotely possible that Roger Goodell, in his rather interesting statement of peace and reconciliation, implied that it’s now okay for players to kneel or not stand at the national anthem and be disrespectful to our country and flag,” Trump asked via Twitter.

No signal of reconciliation, Trump pours oil on the fire, denies legitimacy to the other side and accuses it of only evil: disrespect for the country, flag and anthem. Trump does not acknowledge with a word why this form of protest is chosen – and thus continues a familiar line.

Donald Trump celebrates conflict with the NFL
After the death of African-American George Floyd in a violent police operation two weeks ago, countless people had taken to the streets to demonstrate against racism and police violence against blacks.

Trump reacted to this by and large with confrontation, emphasizing above all the violent minority of protesters, even threatening to send the military (although it is highly controversial that he should have been allowed to send it at all in this situation according to the law) – for which he accused himself of aggravating rather than easing the dangerous tensions.

The 73-year-old does not contest this: The general impression is that, with a view to the elections in the autumn, the approval of his conservative to far right voter base is above all.

His behaviour in the conflict with the NFL confirms this impression, not for the first time.

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