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NBA star soon with own league?


NBA star soon with own league?

In the dispute over the restart of the basketball league Kyrie Irving surprises again with a curious statement. He plans to create a new independent league.

After Kyrie Irving, in his function as vice-president of the players’ union NBPA, has repeatedly spoken out against the restart of the league, the 28-year-old again comes up with a curious idea.

According to Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News, Irving is said to have advocated the creation of a league of his own. …based on the motto “by players for players.” However, Irving did not explain how such a league should look like in terms of economic feasibility and logistical plans.

Restart divides the league
Many players, all of them Voran Dwight Howard, had recently claimed that the restart of the NBA could take attention away from the ongoing racism debate in the USA. In these times, a continuation of the season is out of place.

League commissioner Adam Silver showed understanding: “It is not an ideal situation,” the league boss said on ESPN, but he wants to work through most of the points together with the professionals “in the coming weeks.

Irving spoke of “systematic racism” and that there was “something rotten” about it. Even though Kyrie Irving is always in the public eye with curious ideas and statements, the US-American seems to have become an important voice of his league colleagues.

The discussion about the restart of the NBA is thus far from over and will continue to be a topic of conversation in the coming weeks. Whether this will lead to the formation of a completely new league remains questionable, however.

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