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NBA-Star rangelte with cows


NBA-Star rangelte with cows

Steven Adam of the Oklahoma City Thunder chats about his Corona escape to his New Zealand home. Not only as a farmer there were instructive experiences.

You can do it that way:

NBA star Steven Adams sat out the first Corona wave on his farm in his New Zealand homeland – and among other things “punched out cows”, as the Center of the Oklahoma City Thunder now joked.

At a time when physical contact among NB players was completely impossible, the 113-kilo man fought with four-legged friends to simulate the fight for the rebound. “Well, the cows are doing just fine, buddy. I had a little bit of a farmer’s tan,” Adams reported with a grin.

This is how the Corona period went for Adams in New Zealand
But most importantly, during a conference call on the eagerly awaited restart of the NBA on July 30 in Orlando, Adams also shared his experiences in dealing with the COVID19 pandemic.

“There were a few hiccups here and there, but on the whole, New Zealanders generally play by the rules quite well,” said the 26-year-old. “Everyone has somehow made sure that we follow the rules properly – keeping our distance and so on. Together, all the Kiwis did a really, really good job with that and that’s what ended things.”

“But then again, it’s a little different. We’re simply a smaller country and our borders are easy to manage,” Adams said, referring to relevant figures.

For comparison: While corona in the USA has so far claimed around 130,000 lives out of 2.8 million confirmed infections, New Zealand, with its 4.9 million inhabitants, got off quite lightly (22 deaths out of 1,530 reported cases).

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