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Brady with bitter counting error


Brady with bitter counting error

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers lose a dramatic match at the Chicago Bears. Tom Brady makes an unusual slip-up.

Tom Brady has once again lost to quarterback Nick Foles in a duel with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2018 after the historic Super Bowl bankruptcy.

This time it was Tampa Bay Buccaneers against Chicago Bears, but the six-time Super Bowl winner is likely to bring back memories. The Bucs were defeated 19-20 by the Bears in a dramatic match despite a 13-0 lead.

Brady, of all people, made an untypical mistake during the decisive down 33 seconds before the end: He obviously miscounted during the “downs”, believed he was still at the third down on his fourth and final attempt to gain ten yards of space to keep the ball in his own ranks (What are downs? The football rules).

Tom Brady miscounts the downs

Brady played a risky pass to Tight End Cameron Brate, which he thought he could still afford. Because Brate didn’t catch the ball, the play was over – and the Bears had the victory in the bag (Here to the NFL game plan 2020/21). Brady seemed confused about the consequences of the move and showed four fingers, which was taken as proof of his mistake.

Coach Bruce Arians, however, did not blame Brady for the bankruptcy, but took it upon himself. “Bad coaching” was the problem. Arians also contradicted the general impression that Brady was not aware of the Downs. “He knew,” he said when asked. It seemed like a protective assertion.

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