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Boxing: All information about the World Boxing Super Series

Boxing: All information about the World Boxing Super Series


Boxing: All information about the World Boxing Super Series

The World Boxing Super Series is supposed to change the world of boxing.In a knock-out system, the best boxers of two weight classes compete against each other.There’s a huge sum at stake.Here you will find all information about the participants, the mode, the titles, the prize money and the dates as well as the venues.

The World Boxing Super Series is intended to show a new way forward and thus in some way stimulate a revolution in boxing, which should give the sport a new impetus in the fight for the interest of innumerable sports fans all over the world.

In the competition for the Muhammad Ali Trophy, created especially for the tournament, the best fighters in their weight category will compete against each other in a clearly structured competition and determine the best fighter in a direct comparison.

The winner of the “Champions League of Boxing”, which is held in two different weight classes, has the chance to win not only a high prize money but also several titles from the four major associations WBA, WBC, WBO and IBF as well as a lot of prestige.

In two weight classes, eight fighters each compete in a tough knockout system.The tournament will be played in a single-elimination bracket and consists of a quarter-final, semi-final and final.This results in seven fights per limit and 14 duels at the highest level in total.

In the quarter-finals, four seeded fighters will face four unseeded boxers.The seed list will be announced in advance of the tournament.The Comosa Board of Directors determines who is to be seated in which position.The special feature: The seeded boxers, among whom the world champions are likely to be found, will choose their opponent for the first round.

As usual for the pros, the individual battles, which are fought all over the globe, are scheduled to last for 12 rounds of 3 minutes each.They are judged by three judges who award points according to the 10:9 system.

Super middleweight:

Cruiser weight:

The matches of the first round were played on the 8th day.At the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco on 7 July, the event was presented to the public in the form of a draft gala, attended by all participants and the World Boxing Super Series officials.

The event was moderated by the well-known Swiss woman Melanie Winiger.High-ranking persons from the world of sports, media and marketing were present as guests.

Callum Smith and Oleksandr Usyk have already reached the quarter-finals.Smith prevailed over Erik Skoglund, while Marko Huck Usyk won the technical the the second round.

The fights of the quarter-finals will take place in September and October 2017, followed by the semi-finals in January and February 2018.

The two boxers in the respective weight category, who were able to assert themselves, will then meet in the final of the series in May 2018.

cruiser weight

super middleweight

Marco Huck: The former WBO world champion with a very aggressive, explosive boxing style was on 9th position.September into the World Boxing Super Series.However, Huck had no chance against the Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk, and had to retire in the 10th minute.Round of technical knockout.his fourth professional defeat.

Jürgen Brähmer: Brähmer is a former WBA and WBO world champion, and is also a former EBU title holder.The first day.October 2016, Brähmer had to give up his WBA belt against the Englishman Nathan Cleverly.He will face Rob Brant from the USA in the quarter-finals, who has so far been unbeaten in his professional career.The bookmakers see Brähmer as a light favorite for the duel against Brant.

Arthur Abraham took over the reins on 15.July 2017 the IBO World Championship fight against Chris Eubank Jr.clearly lost points.For the Armenian-born, this was his sixth defeat in the 52nd minute.Fighting his career.Abraham was multiple world champion of IBF and WBO from 2005 to 2016.Eubank Jr.celebrated in his 26th birthday.Fight the 25th.Victory.The 27-year-old Briton has qualified as the last boxer for the Ali Trophy with his successful title defence.

When the pairing is complete, the venues and dates will be announced.

However, it is certain that the events will take place in several countries.Only half of the 14 fights will be held in the USA.It is hardly surprising that only the biggest arenas are in sight.The Madison Square Garden in New York, the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas or the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin could host further combat evenings.

The World Boxing Super Series will be fought for $50 million in prize money.A victory in the final, which will take place in May 2018, guarantees the victorious boxer around ten million US dollars.In addition, there are the bonuses and the prize money of the previous rounds, which makes participation extremely interesting from a financial point of view.

The winner of the series is Muhammad Ali Trophy, designed by the late sculptor Silvio Gazzaniga from Italy.Gazzaniga was an eminent figure and, among other things, worked on the FIFA World Cup in 1971, which has been handed over to the FIFA World Cup winner since 1974.


Any World Champion who joins the tournament agrees that his belt currently in place is part of the World Boxing Super Series.The latter is thus defended within the competition in every fight.This also applies in the event of a change of belt, which will also be at stake in the next round.

Any disputes with any compulsory challengers of the rankings who do not participate in the tournament are ruled out by cooperation with the associations.

The first edition of the World Boxing Series is about cruiser and super middleweight.However, the classes are not carved in stone.

In future tournaments, they will vary to cover the broadest possible spectrum of boxing sport.However, only two will be represented per issue.

To ensure a clean tournament, there will be a comprehensive and transparent WADA doping control system.

In order to ensure the quality of the World Boxing Super Series, those responsible have drawn a clear line in the approval of individual fighters.

Only boxers who are among the best 15 fighters of the respective federation can apply as participants.The selection process for the limited seats will then be carried out by those in charge of the tournament, who will rely on a group consisting of representatives of the federations, journalists and boxing personalities as advisors.

Richard Schaefer, Comosas Chairman of the Americas:”There are so many exciting stories in the World Boxing Super Series: champions against champions, champions against challengers and youth against experience.”

Kalle Sauerland:”This is a great thing for German boxing.The World Boxing Super Series answers the question fans have been asking themselves for years: Who is the undisputed number one in a weight class?For the cruiser’s weight and super-middleweight, we’ll know by May 2018.”

Roberto Dalmiglio, Head of Management Board at Comosa:”The World Boxing Super Series fulfils the promise of competing against the best.

Jürgen Brähmer:”I am looking forward to the tournament.I’m prepared.Changing the weight is no challenge for me.I’ve fought more than 30 fights of my super middleweight profile and now I’m returning to my original weight class for the tournament.I’m anxious to meet my opponents.”

Marco Huck:”There are no weak people in this tournament.I want to be the best, and I have to beat everybody.I don’t care who comes first – I’ll beat them all.”

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