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NFL: RedZone, NFL Network, Live games: The NFL program on DAZN


NFL: RedZone, NFL Network, Live games: The NFL program on DAZN

Football is back!Once again this year, DAZN will have everything the NFL heart desires.We started with the preseason, in which selected games have already been broadcasted.The Regular Season is getting serious – and DAZN is expanding its NFL program again!In addition to the Primetime matches and the Red Zone conference, another match will be broadcast live on Sunday.

In addition, DAZN customers can now also receive the NFL Network live on DAZN 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The NFL Network is the official channel of the NFL, where all day long it’s all about football: Breaking news, analysis before and after the games, talk rounds on all topics or docus on the big games, players and moments of the past – here you’ll find everything the NFL heart desires.

The NFL Network has reporters everywhere in the teams on site, offering exclusive behind-the-scenes views.Also a big hobby-horse: the Pregame shows on every Sunday as well as the live shows around big events like the draft or the start of the Free Agency.

All information about the NFL 2017 schedule – including the games in London and Mexico, the Thanksgiving Program and the games on Christmas and New Year’s Eve – can be found here.

The regular season:

Note: As of Week 5, the pairings for Sunday Night Games (i. e. the matches on early Monday morning German time) can be changed at short notice by the NFL Flex regulation.

Here’s an overview of all the games that will be shown live on DAZN in the coming weeks:


DAZN is a multisport streaming platform.In addition to the major US leagues NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL, DAZN also hosts numerous international football matches, including Premier League, Primera Division, Serie A and World Cup qualifiers.The highlights of the Bundesliga matches are also available only a few minutes after the final whistle.After a trial month, the streaming service costs 9.99 euros per month.

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