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Eagles star with anti-Semitism scandal


Eagles star with anti-Semitism scandal

Eagles Wide Receiver DeSean Jackson causes a stir with anti-Semitic posts and apologizes. Now they discuss how the league and his team should react.

The next political incident in the NFL! After the fuss about Drew Brees and the newly ignited name dispute about the Washington Redskins, Wide Receiver DeSean Jackson caused a scandal with posted Hitler quotes. He also expressed admiration for Louis Farrakhan, the questionable leader of the African-American religious group “Nation of Islam”.

After the anti-Semitic messages the player from the Philadelphia Eagles apologized. His team is currently investigating the consequences for the 33-year-old.

On Instagram, the football star posted an article online. The post contained a quote that the athlete attributed to Adolf Hitler. Jackson wrote that white Jews “will blackmail America. They will blackmail America. Their plan for world domination will not work if the blacks (word changed, editor’s note) know who they were.

He also shared two contributions by Louis Farrakhan, who is considered anti-Semitic by the anti-discrimination associations “Southern Poverty Law” and the “Anti-Defamation League”.

Eagles want to take “appropriate measures”
On Tuesday, the Eagles came forward for the amounts. The franchise was very different from what Jackson had said. The posts were “insulting, harmful and absolutely horrible”, according to a statement. The team would also take “appropriate measures”.

What makes the matter even more explosive: Both team owner Jeffrey Lurie and managing director Howie Roseman are of Jewish faith. “We have spoken to DeSean Jackson about his social media posts,” the Eagles said in the statement. “Regardless of his intentions, the messages he shared were insulting, harmful and absolutely terrible. They have no place in our society and are not tolerated or supported in any way by the organization.”

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