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St. Brown announces Touchdown


St. Brown announces Touchdown

Munich – After missing out on the last NFL season, Equanimeous St. Brown is looking to get off to a flying start. At SPORT1 he talks about his goals, rodgers and racism.

For German NFL fans there are currently only three irons in the fire for the 2020 season. Besides linebacker Mark Nzeocha and fullback Jakob Johnson, the hopes rest primarily on Equanimeous St. Brown.

The highly talented receiver missed the entire 2019 season due to a persistent ankle injury. Now he is attacking again with the Green Bay Packers and wants to fight for a regular place in the team around star quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Here, German NFL hopeful St. Brown reveals how he got back in shape despite Corona and uninvited “training guests”. The 23-year-old also talks about his racist experience, Aaron Rodgers, the Packers’ Super Bowl goal, and announces his first touchdown.

Reporter: Equanimeous, 2020 is a crazy, difficult and challenging year for everyone because of Covid-19. How do you deal with this in your NFL preparation?

Equanimeous St. Brown: I deal with it relatively normally. It’s almost all closed, so you’re at home a lot or meeting a few friends at most. We couldn’t go back to Green Bay until the end of July. So I spent the whole summer in California.

How is it going in the Training Camp? What safety precautions do the packers take?

St. Brown: During the meetings and in the building we have to wear a mask, but not on the field during training. We are all tested every day. We also have a requirement not to meet with more than ten people at the most. We are also not allowed to go to the casino here in Green Bay, for example. That’s no problem for me, I go home after training and stay there. From time to time I go to my neighbor Dexter Williams (college teammate and in preparation at the Packers, editor’s note) to eat there. His mother always cooks very well. (laughs)

St. Brown sees good chances for operating time
Some big names have taken advantage of the opt-out – was this also an option for you or do you feel safe?

St. Brown: No, that was never an option for me! I really want to play.

You missed the 2019 season due to injury. How are you currently doing? How did you get back in shape during Corona?

St. Brown: I lived there in a house on the beach with my brothers and DeShaun Kizer (St. Brown’s college quarterback and currently without the NFL team, editor’s note). It was good for me because it gave me more time to recover from my injury. I did rehab every day and trained five times a week, alternating between strength and receiver training. My father knows someone with a home gym where we could go and for receiver training we always had to find a grass field where we could train in peace. That wasn’t easy at Corona’s wedding. There such training was sometimes disbanded by the police. I am currently doing well, I am finally fit again.

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