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Jackson as good as legend Marino


Jackson as good as legend Marino

There is always criticism of Lamar Jackson despite his outstanding achievements. Now the super-quarterback is giving the doubters the lie with an NFL record.

Lamar Jackson has secured himself a place in the history books of the NFL. The Baltimore Ravens’ quarterback equaled the record set by none other than Dolphins legend Dan Marino (Service: The NFL Results).

The 24-10 win over the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday was the 25th victory for the star quarterback in his 30th stint as a starter with only five defeats. That results in a victory quota of 0.833.

So far only Marino has been able to start his career in this way. He had the same start after starting his career in 1986.

Other legends such as Tom Brady, Drew Brees or Peyton Manning cannot match this brand. The only quarterbacks who have won more than 23 times in their first 30 starts are Roger Staubach and Kurt Warner, who both started 24:6 (Service: The NFL Tables).

Jackson starts in November 2018

“It’s pretty cool, I’m up there with a Hall of Famer,” said the league’s current MVP.

The first-round pick of the 2018 draft took his team to the pitch for the first time on November 28, 2018, winning 24-21 against the Cincinnati Bengals. 24 further victories followed in less than two years.

“I think that’s really something. Wow,” Ravens head coach John Harbaugh was also pleased. “Lamar will tell you it’s a team effort, I think the team will tell you that you wouldn’t have won these games without Lamar.”

On the weekend against the Colts, Jackson shone with his record win with 170 passing yards and 58 running yards and a running touchdown.

The 24:10 was doubly historic for Jackson. It was also the first time he won after a halftime deficit.

Criticism of the record holder: Ravens defend themselves

Despite the outstanding balance, however, there is always criticism of the super quarterback. Above all, the 23-year-old’s lack of passing skills is denounced. In addition, it is said that Jackson cannot win any big games.

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